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MaxDent CA Digital Clear Aligner is an effective aligner therapy customized to meet the patient’s specific needs. Precise, digital 3D technology for efficient planning and treatment management, gives you complete treatment control. Get the benefit of aligners digitally fabricated. 

MaxDent CA Digital Clear Aligners comes in three material thicknesses, worn over a period of four weeks for a unique and beautiful smile. In each treatment step, the patient wears three aligners of different thicknesses. Thanks to the steady increase in pressure, the teeth are aligned effectively, yet gently and with extraordinary comfort. The special aligner design with additional covering of gingival margin (2-3 mm) increases force transmission, providing even more effective treatment.  Precise, digital 3D technology for efficient planning and treatment management.   

Our key advantages :

• Clinically proven – Teeth correction based on the clinical CA Digital protocols Dr.Pablo Echarri.

• Treatment corrections are possible at any time.

• Individual cooperation : Choose full or only partial services.

• Precise, digital 3D technology for planning set-up.

• Tooth movement up to 1 mm per month.

• The choice is yours – STL data or models. Short treatment time – 3 different material thicknesses and intelligent design for faster treatment results.

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